About Us

NJ House Of Hope's Background


 Now in existence for almost 5 years, New Jersey House of Hope is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We strive to provide essential programs and offerings to cities across New Jersey including the communities of Newark, Irvington, Hillside, Union and the Oranges. 

Statement Of Need


 We see that every day thousands of young people are roaming around because they cannot find jobs; while many are turning to drugs and prostitution.We see many struggling to support their families; some may be hospitalized or seeking treatment. In the past few years, we have conducted surveys in various cities, and we know firsthand the needs of the people.  We found out that some communities need: Youths programs, Veterans programs and Family counseling.  

NJ House Of Hope's Goals


  • A centralized Home for New Jersey House of Hope
  • Four Buildings by Four Hospitals in New Jersey, Beth Israel, University Hospital, St.Barnabas and the Veterans hospital in East Orange. These buildings will provide a place where families who are assisting their loved ones can eat, shower and relax while their love ones are being treated or hospitalized.  
  • Building Better Cities, Better Communities and Better Homes